Board of Directors

Mateos Alvarez

Executive Director

Mr. Mateos Alvarez is highly experienced in grassroots organizing, outreach campaign strategy, and implementation, facilitation, and training. He has assisted many resident leaders to work on issues at the local, state, and national level that include Healthcare, Education, Public Safety, Affordable Housing, Labor, and Immigration. Mateos worked in the U.S. labor movement as an external organizer, then as a Political Organizer, and ultimately as the elected President of a major metro Denver Union.  Mateos also spent twenty years as a lead community organizer and community development consultant for various community organizations and non-profits. Mr. Mateos Alvarez is the founder and President of JUMA Development and Consulting Services and is currently the Executive Director of the Dayton Street Day Labor Center.

Reid Hettich

Board Member

Mr. Reid Hettich is the pastor of the Mosaic Church of Aurora since 2014. He has been a Wesleyan pastor since 1977. His calling is to serve others and to reach out in caring, compassion and love to all, especially the most vulnerable and marginalized. He serves as the chair of the Board of Aurora Community Connection Family Resource Center and the Advisory Board of the Aurora Strong Resilience Center. He is also chair of Aurora’s Key Community Response Team (KCRT) and vice chair of the Aurora Wellness Court Advisory Board.

Sally Mounier

Board Member

Ms. Sally Mounier is the former Aurora City Council Representative for Ward I, representing Original Aurora between 2012 and 2017. Ward I is the Original Historic Aurora and a very diverse community with citizens and newcomers to America living side by side. As a council member, she had a passion for representing all the residents of her ward and immediately recognized the day labor issues on Dayton Street needed resolution. She was key in setting up the Dayton Street Day Labor Center and securing city support for a structure worker center on Dayton. She is a business person and one who places a high value on God, country and families.

Gabriela Jacobo

Board Member

Ms. Gabriela Jacobo is a bilingual Community Connector for the Resident Leadership Council (RLC) in North Aurora.  The RLC is an affiliate of the Community-Campus Partnership at Anschutz Medical Campus.  Gabriela brings 16 years of non-profit experience to the board.  Her experience comes from a variety of positions she has held with a diverse number of for-profit and non-profit community organizations.  Her specialty is working with resident leaders across race, class and language settings with a focus on leadership development and community organizing.  Ms. Jacobo brings an open mind and heart to her work.  She is a native of Mexico, and she moved to metro Denver in the year 2000.

Bob Hagedorn

Board Member

Mr. Bob Hagedorn is a journalist by training and a former Democratic member of the Colorado House of Representatives for 8 years from 1992 to 2000. From 2000 to 2008, Bob served in the Colorado Senate representing Aurora in Senate District 29.  Bob has taught in public policy at the University of Denver and is a consultant with the Progressive Policy Project. In North Aurora, he’s the Executive Director of the Colfax Aurora Community Organization, the non-profit business association for mostly small entrepreneurs along Colfax Ave. in Aurora.